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You are here:Top 10 Christmas Toys 2009»Bakugan Battle Pack

Bakugan Battle Pack Official 2009 Top 10 Toy

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The Bakugan Battle Pack is taken from the hit TV show, Bakugan Battle Brawlers. The card game is simple to learn but will take a long time to well and truly master. You can boost your arsenal with extra bonus Bakugan cards and exercise your Bakugan battle skills by shooting your Bakugan. Land on the magnetic cards and plastic spheres pop open to reveal the warrior apparatus they contain. The pack includes six Bakugan brawlers and 12 Bakugan cards *six metallic cards and 6 ability cards.

The Bakugan Battle Pack is perfect for two players or can be used to boost your current Bakugan set.

This pack has 2 special collector cards that cannot found in any other packs.

Don't disappoint. Order your Bakugan Battle Pack today.

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Additional Info

  • Brand: Spin Master

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